Multiple UFO Orbs in Los Angeles, Conspiracy Theorist Says Aliens Are Making Use of COVID Situation

The UFO sighting that happened in Los Angeles has made several people believe that alien existence on Earth could be real.

Conspiracy theorists all across the world strongly believe that aliens have been visiting planet Earth for hundreds of thousands of years. To substantiate this seemingly unbelievable theory, these conspiracy theorists often cite examples of UFO sightings. And now, one such UFO event has happened in Los Angeles, and it has made several people believe that aliens have visited the earth once again.

UFO Sighting in Los Angeles

A video of the alleged UFO incident has now gone viral on YouTube. In the video, shot by a man named Bobby Cail, multiple flying objects can be seen hovering the night skies of Los Angeles. Interestingly, these objects spotted in the skies had illuminating lights on its body, and it hovered in the skies for several seconds without moving.

UFO Los Angeles
Alleged UFOs spotted in Los Angeles YouTube: Bobby Gene Cail

The video was later analyzed by popular conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring. After watching the video, Waring claimed that the aliens used cloaking technology after they saw Cail capturing the event on camera.

"The glowing orbs are not falling and not moving much, but do shine brightly. With so many people staying inside, afraid to go out and possibly catch covid...UFOs are becoming less and less afraid of being seen. But as soon as Bobby started recording, it was like the aliens knew exactly what he was doing and the ships quickly disappeared from view...cloaking," wrote Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily.

Aliens or Drones?

Waring's explanation has convinced most of his followers, and they claim that truthseekers like Waring are exposing the bitter truth regarding UFOs in front of the general public. According to these alien enthusiasts, the US government and NASA are intentionally covering up the existence of extraterrestrials fearing public panic.

However, skeptics have dismissed the alien rumors, and they reveal that these flying objects could be most probably high-flying drones.

It was around a few weeks back that Haim Eshed, a former Israeli space security chief assured the existence of aliens. During an interview, Eshed claimed that world powers like the United States and Israel are maintaining regular contact with an advanced extraterrestrial species. He also added that there is a galactic federation where there are representatives of humans and aliens.

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