MTV VMAs 2023 Shine with K-Pop Excellence, Jungkook Makes History and Stray Kids Soar to Victory

Jungkook surprised his fans by revealing a captivating, shirtless photograph on Weverse

The MTV Video Music Awards 2023 witnessed a momentous occasion as TS singer Jungkook, also known as Jeon Jungkook, etched his name in history. He seized the coveted Song of Summer award for his exceptional track, "Seven," a triumph that marked a groundbreaking milestone.

Jungkook's achievement transcended the confines of K-pop, as he became the very first K-pop artist to secure a Video Music Award in a category beyond the K-pop genre. This extraordinary victory ignited a jubilant celebration among his fervent fan base, ARMY, who flooded various social media platforms with their heartfelt congratulations.

In a gracious response, Jungkook surprised his fans by revealing a captivating, shirtless photograph on Weverse, bearing his back and offering a tantalizing glimpse of his sleeve tattoo. Accompanied by the caption "Photogenic," this gesture added an extra layer of excitement for his adoring supporters.


In parallel, another noteworthy moment unfolded at the MTV Video Music Awards 2023, with Stray Kids, a renowned K-pop group, adding a prestigious accolade to their impressive repertoire. They secured the coveted Best K-pop Video award for their chart-topping hit, "S-Class."

This accomplishment held particular significance as Stray Kids had fierce competition, vying against other prominent acts such as BLACKPINK, Aespa, Fifty Fifty, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, and Seventeen. The magnitude of their win momentarily left them stunned, as they paused in their seats to absorb the reality of their first-ever VMA victory.

Taking center stage following their triumph, Bang Chan, the group's representative, addressed the audience with heartfelt appreciation, stating, "Greetings! We are Stray Kids, and we extend our deepest gratitude to the VMAs for extending this prestigious invitation to us." He continued, "Throughout our journey, we have poured our hearts into crafting our music, and receiving this award holds immense significance for us."

Felix, another esteemed member of the group, added his words of thanks, remarking, "We wish to convey our sincere appreciation to our label, JYP division 1, and also to Republic Records. Most importantly, we express our profound gratitude to our dedicated fans, the STAYs, for their unwavering support. We implore you to stay with us, as we have an abundance of exciting developments on the horizon."

Notably, Stray Kids didn't simply revel in their victory; they also graced the VMAs stage with a mesmerizing performance of their award-winning track, "S-Class," leaving an indelible mark on the MTV Video Music Awards 2023.