Motorola flagship this year will bear Z moniker

Motorola is switching from Moto X to Moto Z for its flagship phones.

Just a few hours after Motorola launched its Moto G4 budget smartphone, freshly leaked info about its upcoming flagship is making waves on the internet.

According to prolific leaker Evan Blass at Venturebeat, Motorola is adopting the 'Z' moniker for its flagship phones replacing the 'X'. That's exactly opposite of Sony which ended its Z series of the flagship and introduced X series this year.

As per the report, Motorola is working on two flagship phones which will sport 5.5-inch displays. These two phones will be called Vertex and Vector Thin. To keep the familiarity, Motorola is planning to use Moto Z Style (like Moto X Style last year) for Vector Thin and Moto Z Play (like Moto X Play) for Vertex.

The change in the branding goes all the way to the carrier branded phones. In the United States, Motorola has been selling its phones on Verizon with DROID moniker. With the upcoming version, even this is expected to change and will be in line with the global naming convention.

Motorola might end up using new names such as Moto Z Style Droid editions for Verizon's phones. Perhaps, Motorola was the only major brand which allowed its phones to be rebranded. Other makers like Samsung, LG stopped doing so long ago while Apple never faced such an issue for iPhone.

Furthermore, the modules which Lenovo and Motorola are planning for their modules were known as 'Amps'. Those too will now be called MotoMods instead.

Lenovo's Tech World Show will kick off in San Fransico on June 9 when we will know more about everything. Till then expect a stream of leaks coming out every few days with exciting details on Moto's upcoming phones.