Mother slams school teacher after she paints bullet wound on her son's forehead

The woman was shocked to see his seven-year-old son with a bullet wound when she went to pick him up from drama school.

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A woman from Birmingham, Alabama, recently shared the shock and anger she felt towards her son's school teacher who painted a bullet wound on her son's forehead. The mother, Zakiya Milhouse, was stunned when she picked up her seven-year-old son, Amonn Jackson, from a drama class at Phillips Academy in her hometown.

She feared something dreadful had happened to her little boy when she saw the realistic wound on his forehead. According to The Sun, mum Zakiya, who was fuming with anger, said: "It looked so real in person, that it looked like something happened."

"It was supposed to be a gunshot wound. That's when I got upset. A gunshot wound." She told, "This actually happens to our black young men. If you saw it in person, it looked real." When the mother shared the picture online it was considered to be "inappropriate" by many others

"So they did this in drama class and my boy said the teacher said it's like he got shot." She wrote on Facebook, "I don't like that s ***! I don't care if it's Halloween or NOT! A bullet hole in the head!"

The mother also said that the drama teacher "didn't think it was a really big deal." Later, the principal of the school called her to apologize. According to her, "He said he painted other things such as black eyes on kids also. He also stated that he was going to take it out of his lesson plan."

"Birmingham City Schools are aware of an image posted by a parent on social media depicting a wound on a student's head. The student was participating in a theatre class unit on stage, film, and special effects." A statement from the school said, "The teacher sent permission forms home with students making parents aware of the unit and requesting permission to put makeup on students."

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