More than half of parents with young kids feel lonely and isolated

A significant proportion of parents with young children feel lonely and isolated, reveals a survey. The research published by Coram Family and Childcare found that over 56 per cent of parents suffer from isolation and a lack of companionship with children under five years of age. The study reveals that loneliness gets worse as the days pass before being better and doesn't stop until the child reaches the age of school.

Being a parent is a hard job

Claire Harding, the Head of Coram Family and Childcare opened up by saying that a parents job is the hardest as life completely changes once a couple gives birth to a child.

Family with a child

''Being a parent is a hard job and it's even harder if you feel lonely or isolated. We're really concerned that over half of parents of young children feel lonely at least some of the time, and that it's worse for low income parents. We're need proper investment to make sure all families can access activities for themselves and their young children, so that everyone gets the benefits of friendship and social support.''

Wealth plays an important part too

Interestingly, wealth also plays an important part for parents with young children. Parents with low income were more likely to feel lonely and isolated than compared to parents with high source of income and Younger parents aged 18-24 also felt more of a lack of companionship than parents aged 25-34.

Planned parenthood in election campaign

The research says parents feel a spike in loneliness around the birth of a baby – particularly if the mother or baby have health health problems and are unable to get out of the house easily. It often continues when the children are older but haven't started school yet and once they reach the age of school, the loneliness gradually decreases.

The study also sheds light that mothers feel more lonely and isolated that fathers. The research points out that twice as many mothers than fathers said they often feel left out after the birth of a child.

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