Nearly half of employees under the age of 30 have suicidal thoughts due to work pressure

Mental health at the workplace is a serious issue and companies must address it at the earliest and make their employees feel better.

Mental health is overlooked at the work place and a new study sheds light that 4 out of 10 people, from the age group of 18 to 30 have experienced suicidal thoughts due to work pressure. The study also found that 45 percent of the employees hold back on their feelings to their employers and closed ones, due to not knowing the language how to express how they actually feel.

The study shows young workers feel more pressured at work than their older colleagues and the young workforce also feels worried about their own health being affected on a daily or weekly basis. ''It's clear that many young people face challenges with their mental health before they enter the workforce and while working, and that they are affected more often than their senior peers,' said Barbara Harvey, managing director and mental health lead for Accenture UK to

study about colleagues
Employees of WM Motor Technology Co., Ltd. work at their office in shanghai, China, 1 August 2016 Aly Song/Reuters

Companies must start taking care of their employees mental health

The research also found that companies that create a supportive environment made employees feel better and felt that they could thrive. Employers lending a helping hand to their employees with regard to mental health made a significant difference to the workforce and are more likely to have positive thoughts and feelings.

Barbara started off by saying, ''Therefore, mental health must be a priority issue for employers. Businesses need to look at how they can create an open, supportive work environment which enables employees of all ages to look after their mental health, support one another, and perform at their best.''

Employees in more supportive companies were four times more likely to say that work positively impacted their mental health.

Wake up call to many organizations

Now that the workforce is slowly yet steadily taking mental health seriously, it's a wake up call to all the organizations to lend a helping hand to their employees well being or they might lose talents due to severe work pressure that provides little or no support and wants results at any cost.