MONSTA X Member Minhyuk Announces Mandatory Military Enlistment Letter with Heartfelt Letter to Fans

MONSTA X member Minhyuk has unannounced the date of his upcoming mandatory military enlistment through a heartfelt letter. He penned a personal letter to the fans and shared it on the official fan cafe this Monday, March 13.

Minhyuk is the second MONSTA X member to join the military, following Shownu, who will complete his national duty next month. Minhyuk will begin his military duty on April 4. According to him, he may not interact with his often for a short period.

The K-pop idol said he might not come to the fan cafe, write posts, promote upcoming projects, upload photos, and do bubble live for some time, which makes him sad. According to him, he will utilize the time to become a stronger and cooler person.

"I'm already excited to receive Monbebe's even greater love haha. Also, I'm not going somewhere far so don't be too sad. I think Monbebe will be very sad, but I hope you aren't!" Minhyuk wrote.

The MONSTA X member thanked his fans for their fans and supporters. The K-pop idol also promised them that he would return as a cool person with a healthy mind and body after his mandatory military enlistment.

MONSTA X member Minhyuk
MONSTA X member Minhyuk Instagram

Here is the Complete Letter by Minhyuk:

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