BIGHIT MUSIC Requests BTS Army to Refrain from Sending Gifts to Jin; Fans' Reactions

BIGHIT MUSIC has released an official statement requesting BTS Army to refrain from sending gifts and letter to Jin during military enlistment. The firm also asked the fans to refrain from visiting the K-pop idol at the training camp on the day of his recruit training graduation ceremony.

In the statement that was released on Thursday, January 5, the entertainment company said it would be difficult to store all the gifts and letters at the military training centre and may get easily lost. The firm then asked the fans to leave their warm messages on Weverse using the hashtag #Dear_Jin_from_ARMY. It will be easier for the company to assist in making sure that the artist is able to check the messages himself.

BIGHIT MUSIC began the letter by thanking BTS Army for all their support and cooperation when Jin entered military in December. The record label then explained that the artist is currently performing his duties and responsibilities at a training camp with regular military personnel.

BTS member Jin
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Here is the Complete Statement from BIGHIT MUSIC

Fans' Reactions

Immediately after BIGHIT MUSIC released the statement, BTS Army and other fans of the K-pop idol shared their opinion about it on various social media platforms. Here are a few of them.

Please leave Jin alone, I know we missed him but we need to respect his privacy! This is the 2nd time bighit posted abt this issue. I miss Jin too, so much. but I'm won't shared any pictures of him in military camp. Please respect BTS.

Oh he's definitely getting teased by the whole training camp cuz of yall lmaooooo (I'm an army too but like chill guys he's fine and probably would appreciate a small break from the spotlight/stardom for a moment)

It must comfort #BTS_twt to know they "got ARMY right behind them when they say so" and will respect their wishes. That's the fan base I'm a part of. #jinmilitary #Namjoon

Is it really that hard to not send anything and to not engage with Jin military enlistment I really wanna know is it that hard to leave him alone.

It warms my heart knowing that @bts_bighit has a special hashtag for Jin so they can easily find ARMYs messages & deliver them to our Jinnie let's send him the best messages he will ever receive!

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