Money Matters! Top 5 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Personal Finance/Investment Advice in Singapore

These accounts could add great value in your investment and finance knowledge.

Instagram has come a long way when it comes to influencing buying decisions. Every day we see some outstanding creators presenting brilliant content about new untouched territory. Now even for a personal finance, one does not have to run from pillar to post to find the right advisor. There are influencers with exceptional knowledge who make it easy to understand complicated issues like investment and finance like a piece of cake.

Here is a list of Instagram accounts to follow if you are in Singapore.

Singapore- Investment Influencer

Celine (Investment Coach):

Celine is an investment coach who focuses on empowering women by helping them in taking intelligent investment decisions. She even has curated an exclusive course for this. Her content is inspirational as well as educative. She stresses the importance of taking financial decisions, investing right, and accumulating money. Celine has 110,000 followers on Instagram.

The Woke salaryman:

This is one of the most interesting financial advisor pages one would come across. The content strategy of this profile has been very well thought out and developed. It is a comic book kind of page, giving some very intricate and useful tips in the most simple, attractive manner. The content is in layman's language with well-designed graphics. It has 382,000 followers on Instagram. This handle has collaborated with many insurance and financial advisory firms like Axa Insurance, Xero, Zenyum, EMA, Singapore, etc.

The Simple Sum:

This Instagram handle also comically elaborates on financial advice. With 89,900 followers on Instagram, this page has everything related to finance, from Silicon Valley Bank issues to allocating your money properly. Many brand collaborations are there like with OCBC Bank, Mount Elizabeth Hospitals, Prosperous Asia, etc.

Money Smart:

This is an informative page for serious investors. This handle has 35,000 followers on Instagram. It talks from Mutual funds, HDB Cooling, and cryptocurrency, to investing in ETF it has everything a retail investor looks for.

Sav Finance:

Another investment and financial tips account that focuses on the importance of financial understanding among women. This page provides interesting and valuable information on what general financial mistakes people make when they are in their twenties and what else could be done. Instead of complicated finance topics, this page explains small yet important financial decisions. It has 25,300 followers on Instagram.

This article was first published on March 24, 2023