DUCT TAPE Model Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction; Video Shows Leah Postol Walking Runaway Like A Champ As Nothing Happened (WATCH)

A model who only wore duct tape suffered an awkward wardrobe malfunction during the catwalk. Wearing a seriously skimpy duct tape bikini, Leah Postol had a wardrobe malfunction in New York Fashion Week's most "provocative show". But her appearance stunned viewers, as, despite the wardrobe malfunction, the model performed her catwalk confidently as if nothing strange happened.

The incident happened on Thursday when Postol wore the daring outfit designed by the Black Tape Project.

Leah Postol
Leah Postol Twitter

Leah Postol Only Wore Two Thin Bands of Black Tape

She strutted down the catwalk in a barely-there ensemble. Her modesty was only covered by two thin bands of black tape, which crisscrossed over her chest. She has also had tape wrapped around her arms, thighs, and private parts, according to Daily Star.

Ankle Strap On Her Heels Came Off Mid-Way

The Black Tape Project shared her video which shows Leah walking down the runway confidently when the ankle strap on her heels came off mid-way but she didn't misstep, continued to walk, and managed to confidently pose on the ramp.

Leah Walked Down Runway Confidently

Her bold performance was termed true dragon by Joel Alvarez, founder of the Black Tape Project.

"Probably our most provocative show ever. This show was an act of rebellion during New York Fashion Week. I'm no designer. I'm an artist. I'm here to make you feel some type of way. Any of you who feel the need to state the obvious about her shoe strap just notice she doesn't miss a step. True dragon," said Alvarez.

Alvarez Uses Different Tapes To Coat The Models

He founded the fashion brand Black Tape Project in 2008. Besides using clothes, the designer uses different tapes to coat the models from mirrored and metallic materials. Joel claims he uses "only skin-safe artistic body tape" in order to prevent discomfort.

Joel, the so-called "King of Tape", had pushed the risqué fashion label to even skimpier heights than usual during the show, displaying models with spartan black-and-white swimsuits that barely concealed their genital areas, according to New York Post.

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