Model Gigi Hadid lashes out at woman for demanding non-Muslim cab service

Gigi Hadid lashes out at Laura Loomer for demanding non-Muslim cab service on Twitter.

Gigi Hadid
Model and host of the American Music Awards Gigi Hadid arrives at the 2016 American Music Awards in Los Angeles, California, U.S., November 20, 2016. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok Reuters

Ever since journalist Laura Loomer posted her grievance against Uber on Twitter, complaining that she was delayed for a meeting as she could not find any non-Muslim Uber or Lyft driver, has left the Twitterati all fumed up over the issue.

Her tweets targeted Uber authorities for recruiting Muslim drivers as Laura's protests were mainly fuelled by the Uber driver who was involved in the Manhattan terror attack on Tuesday.

Laura's move was not appreciated by Twitterati much. Most have stood up against her opinions and views on the same.

"Ah yes, good ole fashion segregation. That's not in any way illegal" one commented.

"I have trouble not sending you a hateful message. But since you're already on the hateful side of things, I am sure you have enough of it" said another.

"There should be an Uber Pool option for me to opt not to share a ride with a delusional bigot" backlashed another.

The Trump factor was also not given a miss.

"You know it's illegal to discriminate against someone based on their religion? Kinda a big deal here in America, no matter what trump says" tweeted another.

Another tweet by Laura on November 1 was again a blend of discrimination and racism. She once again attacked Muslims for walking around in hijabs at the scene of Manhattan terror attack.

This did not go down that well with Victoria's Secret model Gigi Hadid who took to Twitter to counterblast against her "Islamophobic" posts.

The wave surrounding Islamophobia has seen a sudden hike since Trump's ascendancy in American politics. The permanent resident visa under the Diversity Immigrant Program is something Donald Trump is trying to scrap. He further plans to control the surge in unskilled immigration. Can the current sweep in the hatred towards a certain religion be considered as a cause for the recent terror attacks?