Mitchell Loewen: Ex-NFL Player, Mother Accused of Trying to 'Displace' Native Hawaii Family in Viral Video

The viral video showed Mitchell Loewen and his mother, Paula Loewen, in an altercation with the native Hawaiian family in an incident that took place on May 30.

A video of a man alleged to be former NFL player Mitchell Loewen tussling with members of a family, including at least two senior citizens, trespassing on their property in Hawaii and vandalizing it is being widely circulated on social media.

The video, posted by Preston-Sharisa Kaahanui-Kepano from Wailuku, Maui, on Facebook. "Cops were called for them to prove their phony paperwork but Mitchell Loewen decides he didn't need to wait. He cut our chain then refused to give it back," she captioned the clip.

Loewen Cuts the Chain on the Metal Gate

Mitchell Loewen
Mitchell Loewen (right) Twitter

The video shows a man said to be Lowen cutting off a chain that locks a metal gate on a road surrounded by greenery using what appears to be a bolt cutter. He is then approached by three people, identified by Kaahanui-Kepano as her husband and in-laws.

The four are seen tussling with the man alleged to be Loewen as he holds on to the chain while others try to snatch it from him. "Let go of the chain!" Kaahanui-Kepano can be heard saying from behind the camera.

Loewen's Mother Drives Through the Gate, Mother-in-Law Falls Over

Loewen is then seen successfully pulling away from the family before walking to the black SUV parked behind them. The mother-in-law tries to block the SUV from entering the property by leaning against the vehicle's hood with Loewen's mother, Paula Loewen, who is behind the wheel, pushing against the senior citizen.

Mitchell continues to scuffle with the other members of the family, trying to push one of them. When another elder runs up to him, Loewen turns to him and screams, "What're you doing?"

The mother-in-law who was blocking the car then moves a little to the side, prompting Paula to rush down the road, pushing the senior citizen down to the ground. "She hits my mother in law then Mitch Loewen used his cutter and hit my husbands shin leaving a hole," Kaahanui-Kepano added in the Facebook post. "They both left the scene."

Loewen, 28, played for the Saints and Lions from 2017 to 2019 and is currently a free agent. Watch the video below:

Mitchell's Wife Claims Land is 'Rightfully Owned'

Shortly after the video went viral Mitchell's wife, Jena Loewen, took to Facebook to clarify that the story that was being circulated was "not true."

"Nobody was hit by a car or bolt cutters. The only reason the chain was cut was because [Mitchell] was locked in. We had made a previous agreement where we each have a lock to this gate but they purposefully locked him in," she wrote.

"Auntie fell because she was holding on to the car while they were trying to get out. There are no 'phony papers' involved. The land is rightfully owned with a clear title. We made sure to look into the history because we didn't want to buy land that had any question of a criminal history," she added before noting that the family was "lying" and would be facing criminal charges.

Jena Loewen
Jena Loewen's Facebook post Twitter

Police Arrest Sharisa Kaahanui-Kepano

In a statement obtained by Daily Dot, the Maui Police Department confirmed that"police responded to a report of a multiple-party dispute at a Wailuku property" on the morning of May 30 and one of the family members was arrested.

"At about 9:57 a.m., Sharisa Kaahanui Kepano was arrested for Unauthorized Entry into a Motor Vehicle in the first degree. She was transported to the Wailuku Police Station for processing without incident. She was released from police custody after posting bail, which was set at $1,000," the statement said.