Missouri Police Find Woman Conspired with Mother, Poisoned Stepfather During Robbery Investigation At Mother's Home 9 Months Later

Ashley Nicole Jones
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A Missouri woman was arrested this week on charges of murder and plotting with her mother to kill her stepfather.

Ashley Nicole Jones, 29, reportedly admitted to police that she had bought ethylene glycol — a substance found in such products as antifreeze, hydraulic break fluid, solvents, paints, films, and cosmetics — from the internet, according to The Republic.

Police Found Text Messages of the Murder Between Mother-Daughter During Burglary Investigation

She said she purchased the compound but her mother, Marsha Allen, laced her husband's drink with it. The husband, identified as 52-year-old Harold L. Allen, died December 20, 2022. The Jackson County, Indiana, Sheriff's Department said the investigation that led to Jones's arrest began on September 19 when Marsha Allen reported that her home had been burglarized.

Investigators eventually arrested Steven Andrew White, 29, and Nathaniel Kane Napier, 28, saying they carried out the burglary with Jones's assistance. All three were charged with burglary and theft.

Meanwhile, investigators examined Marsha Allen's cell phone and found text messages between her and her daughter discussing the poisoning of Harold Allen. They obtained a search warrant for the home and seized several other electronic devices. They also interviewed Allen but released her while they continued their investigation.

Mother Found Dead at Her Residence Last Week

On Sunday,Allen's family reported to police they had been unable to contact her, WISH reported. Police went to the house just before 8 a.m. Monday and found her body with no signs of violence.

Jones was arrested and charged with murder, conspiracy to murder, and attempted murder on Wednesday at the Jackson County jail, where she was being held on the burglary charges, The Republic said.

Police have not released a cause of death for Marsha Allen.