Mississippi Teen Girl Arrested for Engaging in Sex Acts with Two Boys Aged 10 and 14 in Front of Other Boys, Posting Video on Social Media

Amiracle Morgan and Raven Morgan
Amiracle Morgan and Raven Morgan Twitter

A 17-year-old woman from Mississippi was arrested for allegedly performing sexual acts on two juvenile males, ages 10 and 14, in the presence of multiple other children on Mother's Day.

Amiracle Morgan was taken into custody last week and is being charged as an adult with one count of sexual battery, authorities confirmed.

Morgan's Mother, Children Beat Up Other Children Who Witnessed the Sex Act

Morgan's mother, 32-year-old Raven Morgan, was also arrested for allegedly gathering up a group of children and directing them to attack the children who witnessed the alleged sex act to intimidate them from speaking about the incident. She is facing one count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

According to a report from The Dispatch, Morgan allegedly recorded the sexual acts on her cellphone and posted the videos to various social media sites. Another female teen reportedly saw the videos online and told her mother about what she had seen.

When Raven Morgan learned that someone had told others about her daughter's alleged unlawful sexual encounter, she gathered her daughter and several other juveniles and drove to the other teen's home. After arriving at the residence, the group allegedly physically assaulted the teen who told her mother about the social media videos and what they allegedly depicted.

Several of the children who allegedly witnessed the unlawful sexual acts later told police about what they had seen, the Dispatch reported. Raven Morgan and her alleged gathering of vigilantes also reportedly confronted some of those children as well in an effort to keep them from talking about the alleged encounter.

Morgan Confessed to Performing Sex Acts the Minors

When police questioned Morgan about what happened in the videos, she allegedly confessed to performing sex acts with both the 10-year-old and 14-year-old.

Columbus, Mississippi, Chief of Police Joseph Daughtry provided more details in an interview with the station.

"It was disturbing; it really was. But, I mean, it was also disturbing as well when I found out that the mother brought her children to beat up the people who saw what took place. You know, that is not going to be tolerated" Daughtry told the station. "Nobody should have to worry about people coming jumping on them, breaking in doors, and wanting to fight them. And for what? Because you did wrong? Ok, we are gonna have a place for you."

Daughtry added, "You know, we put the momma in jail. Momma act a fool, she going to jail too."

WTVA further reported that Morgan had initially been charged with statutory rape, but those charges were dropped without explanation. Following her arrest, Morgan was released after posting a bond of $100,000. She is currently scheduled to appear in court for her preliminary hearing on June 8.