Miss World 2017 Update: Asia is ruling it in 'Beauty with a Purpose', Multimedia Challenge and Group Winners

Philippines, India, Indonesia, South Africa and Vietnam reach Top 5 of 'Beauty with a Purpose', and Mongolia wins the Multimedia Challenge.

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Miss World 2017 has announced Top 5 contestants of the 'Beauty with a Purpose' category, of which the winner will be announced today evening at the main event. Contestants from Asian countries have made a huge mark in this year's competition.

The list of finalists of the 'Beauty with a Purpose' competition has names like Philippines, India, Indonesia, South Africa and Vietnam. The contestants are Laura Lehmann, Manushi Chillar, Achintya Holte Nilsen, Adè van Heerden and Lan Khue Tran Ngoc respectively.

The winner of the Multimedia Challenge has also been announced and it is Miss Mongolia Enkhjin Tseveendash.

The latest announcement from the event is about the Head to Head Challenge.

The winner of each group is as follows:

Group 1 - Italy

Group 2 - Argentina

Group 3 - Nepal

Group 4 - France

Group 5 - Colombia

Group 6 - Bangladesh

Group 7 - Macau China

Group 8 - Mongolia

Group 9 - India

Group 10 - Indonesia

Group 11 - Moldova

Group 12 - Guatemala

Group 13 - Liberia

Group 14 - Venezuela

Group 15 - Peru

Group 16 - Mexico

Group 17 - Philippines

Group 18 - Vietnam

Group 19 - Lebanon

Group 20 - Kazakhstan

The group winners will automatically qualify for the Top 40 finalists of the main event.

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