miss A officially disbands after 7 years

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Miss A Korean band
Miss A (JYP Entertainment) JYP Entertainment

Korean girl group miss A have officially disbanded after seven years in the business.

"Our label girl group miss A have disbanded," said JYP Entertainment, which launched the group in 2010.

But the announcement did not surprise fans as two members had left the group. In May last year, Jia left miss A while Min did not renew her contract last November. Only Fei and Suzy renewed contracts with JYP Entertainment.

The last album released by the group was "Colors" in 2015 after which members pursued individual activities.

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When it was announced that Min decided not to sign a new contract with the agency, JYP Entertainment said it "had been discussing about renewing Min's contract, and we ultimately decided not to renew her contract. Her contract has now naturally ended.There is nothing decided as of now on miss A's future promotions."

Last June, Jia told Taiwanese media that she wanted to quit when she was still with miss A because she was often scolded by agency founder Park Jin Young.

"After I debuted in the girl group miss A in 2010, I gained great popularity but I was often scolded by J.Y. Park. I used to call fellow member Fei crying and out of anger, I often said I want to quit. But I was kept from making a wrong decision thanks to Fei's warm encouragement and advice," she said.

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Netizens lamented miss A's disbandment.

"Hul... feels like yesterday they were winning #1 with 'Bad Girl Good Girl'... they had good songs too why a disbandment," one Korean netizen commented.

Another netizen stated, "Even miss A is disbanding" while another wrote, "I really liked their songs... good work thus far! Hopefully, they do well on their individual paths."

Other comments include "So many of the girl groups I spent my school years with are disbanding this year... just sad to hear," "Their debut song was so good, what an unfortunate end" and "Ironic how JYP pushed for Min but it was Suzy that shot to fame."

This article was first published on December 27, 2017