3 members of K-pop group Dal Shabet leave agency

Serri, Ahyoung and Subin have left the Korean girl group Dal Shabet after their contracts expired.

Dal Shabet
(From left) Dal Shabet's Serri, Ahyoung and Subin (Instagram) Instagram/official

Three members of Korean girl group Dal Shabet have left their agency after their contracts expired that resulted in only one member being left in the band.

Happyface Entertainment announced that Serri, Ahyoung and Subin are no longer under contract but denied that Dal Shabet will be disbanding.

"We are writing to let you know that Dal Shabet members Serri, Ahyoung, and Subin's contracts have ended.Their exclusive contracts with Happy Face Entertainment will end in 2017. They will be leaving Happy Face Entertainment to show more charms they have that they could not show while being Dal Shabet members," the agency's statement read.

The agency said this "does not mean that Dal Shabet is disbanding. All the members are currently discussing openly about Dal Shabet, and we will let fans know when details are set."

It added that there was no bad blood with the three members and "we have built fondness and memories as family. We are more than a little sad to see the members that we have been together with for a while, go."

Dal Shabet debuted in 2011 and bagged the best new artist award at the Golden Disk Awards held in 2012.

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Following the announcement, the three posted handwritten letters for fans to explain their departure.

"I debuted in high school and now I'm an adult. It is not enough to say thank you to the Dal Shabet sisters and Happyface family members. I spent the last seven years relying, improving, learning, and sharing a lot with you and I owe you all so much." wrote Subin.

Serri said, "My heart is heavy every time I have to write a handwritten letter. Now, I want to carefully talk about not our end but a new beginning. My contract with Happyface Entertainment ended in October."

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She added, "Just because our contract is over, it doesn't mean Dal Shabet is forever leaving your side. I can't promise you when we will stand before you, but I want to say someday the four members will be on stage as Dal Shabet and smile with you."

According to Ahyoung, "I will work hard to repay you for your love. Please look forward to it."