Minneapolis Man Shoots Trans Woman After He Became 'Suspicious' During Sexual Act with Her

Damarean Kaylon Bible and Savannah Williams
Damarean Kaylon Bible and Savannah Williams. Twitter

A Minnesota man allegedly killed a transgender woman after they had sex because he became "suspicious" of her.

Police allege Damarean Kaylon Bible, 25, shot and killed Savannah Williams, 38, on Nov. 29 in Minneapolis and then abandoned her body, as reported by the Star Tribune. She was discovered in the courtyard of a building a few hours after her murder, police say.

Bible Said He Felt 'Suspicious' While She was Performing Oral Sex on Him

Bible was arrested on Dec. 1 in connection to her murder. After denying his involvement, police say he allegedly confessed to the murder.

Bible reportedly met Williams in a bus shelter, who asked him if he was interested in sex. After accepting the offer, he claimed that he felt "suspicious" in the middle of receiving oral sex, and after the act was finished, his wariness lingered, court documents reveal. He then shot the woman from "inches away" with a gun he carried.

Witnesses told cops that they heard gunshots ring from 3023 4th Avenue South at approximately 5.45am, court documents revealed. A man was spotted leaving the scene, witnesses claimed.

Bible's identity was confirmed by apartment management after police reportedly provided a photograph of the individual. After attaining a search warrant for Bible's apartment, authorities found a 9mm Polymer80 handgun with no serial number, along with a .22 calibre rifle.

Bible Told His Father He 'Just Murdered Someone'

In jail, police say Bible called his parents, allegedly telling his dad on the phone he "just murdered someone" and that he "knew he wasn't God, but he had to do it."

Bible was charged with second-degree murder with intent, but it was not declared premeditated. He is currently in Hennepin County Jail, according to records. He is also charged with first-degree aggravated robbery, although it is unclear if the charge is related to Williams' death. Bond for the robbery was set at $100,000, but bail information for the murder charge was not posted.

If convicted of the charges, he faces up to 40 years in prison.