Milwaukee Heckler Was Staged During Biden's Speech? Speculations After Biden Calls Him an "Idiot"

Speculations about a heckler being planted during US President Joe Biden's speech in Milwaukee emerged after Biden took an instant dig at him. Biden asked the security team to let the heckler go saying that everybody is entitled to be an idiot.

Last week Biden's primetime speech from Philadelphia focusing on slamming former President Donald Trump and the threat MAGA Republicans pose to democracy was interrupted by a heckler who repeatedly chanted 'F**k Joe Biden" during the 24-minute speech.

A heckler interrupted U.S President Joe Biden’s speech in Milwaukee on Monday. Twitter

Biden Tells Heckler "God Love Ya"

The incident occurred during Biden's recent speech in Milwaukee on Labor Day. Taking a dig at former U.S. President Donald Trump and MAGA forces Biden said, "We remain in the battle for the soul of America."

It was then a member of the audience started shouting and calling the President a "liar." While the rest of the shouting wasn't audible, Biden could be seen saying "All right, God love ya" in the video which has emerged on social media.

As the security inched closer to the heckler, Biden can be heard saying, "Let him go." Taking an instant dig at the heckler Biden added, "Look, everybody's entitled to be an idiot. No, no. Everybody is entitled, OK?"

It may be mentioned that the U.S. President used the same line after his speech was interrupted by the heckler in Philadelphia. However he had skipped using the word "idiot".

Who Is the Heckler?

Images of the heckler shows him wearing a dark grey suit with white shirt. Social media users speculated that the hair and eyebrows of the heckler appeared to be painted white as the traces of color were clearly visible on the neck and around eyebrows.

However, the name and identity of the person was not revealed either by the White House or organizers. Many speculated that the person was planted by the democrats. "Why does the fake heckler have spray painted hair? The spray is all over his neck! Everything about Biden and the fake presidency is a prop! You're fake news!" tweeted a user.

"Fake prop heckler. The crowd is planted too! Are they giving cookies to people living in care homes for going to Biden's fake rally?" wrote another.

"Biden nice try with your fake heckler. Where was your security detail? Surely you weren't depending on the little lady to get the scary man in a suit out!" read another tweet.