55-Year-Old Florida Man Arrested for Stalking Minor Girls, Telling Them He Will Turn Them Into Big Girls

Mark Greenburg, 55, of Deltona, Florida, has been arrested for stalking a 6-year old girl and telling her that he would turn her into a "big girl" and make her famous.

Greenburg has been accused in almost a dozen cases for stalking minors, passing horrifying remarks to minor children and yelling at neighbors with a megaphone. He had created a "scary" atmosphere as parents were frightened to send their children out of their houses to play.

Mark Greenburg

Is Greenburg a Sociopath?

The reports have created a furor on social media and some of the people have even expressed their apprehension on this man being a "sociopath".

At the same time, others feared that Greenburg could be a child sex abuser or a pedophile as is evident from his weird approach towards the minor children as young as six years of age.

A faction of LGBTQ community while making an observation stated that this man is in no way related to their community adding, "He is not LGBTQIA or a drag queen."

However, a group of people also feel that the man is "demented" and has resorted to weird behavior due to his mental health issues adding that he should be sent to a mental health facility instead of prison.

A report published by New York Post stated that Greenburg drove past houses while recording children on his phone, as told by the Volusia County Sheriff's Office. The report further stated that in one of the incidents, a father told deputies that Greenburg walked to the end of a driveway where his 6-year-old daughter was playing and made unusual comments, allegedly saying, "I'm going to make you famous" and "I'm going to turn you into a woman" or a "big girl."

More than 10 witnesses gave the investigators an account of the comments made by Greenburg similar accounts of Greenburg's comments to the child stating that he would take her to Disney World after picking her up.

A Twitter user wrote, "Volusia Co investigators arrested Mark Greenburg on a warrant over the weekend. He's facing aggravated stalking charges of a child. Other neighbors reported a long pattern of harassing behavior towards others."