Mike Pence Takes Coronavirus Tests for Trump in Exchange of Money? Here is the TRUTH

The hilarious article about Mike Pence taking COVID-19 test on behalf of Trump was, in fact, a satirical piece in a major publication.

A viral claim suggesting that Vice President Mike Pence is taking coronavirus tests for President Donald Trump is found to be fake. Ever since the outbreak of the global pandemic, all eyes have remained on Trump, who continues to attend public gatherings without donning a face mask or maintaining social distancing.

Leading globally in the total number of positive cases since the outbreak of the virus in December last year, the US has registered 3.17 million cases and 135,000 deaths so far.


The Claim and the Truth Behind It

The claim about Pence taking COVID-19 test on behalf the US President cropped up after a news report titled Is Pence Taking Trump's Coronavirus Tests for Him?' was published in The New Yorker.

The report, written by Andy Borowitz, stated that the claims about pence taking tests for Trump were made in a book called: "Swapping Swabs: Trump's Pandemic of Lies."

"In a scandal that threatens to upend Donald Trump's Presidency, a new book accuses Trump of paying Vice-President Mike Pence to take his coronavirus tests for him. According to the book, "Swapping Swabs: Trump's Pandemic of Lies," when the subject of being tested for the virus first came up in March, Trump started casting about for a "good test-taker" to substitute for him," read the article.

Further targeting the 'Trump loyalists' the satire piece went on to claim that the US President considered several candidates for the ruse, including his son-in-law Jared Kushner and the Attorney General William Barr, but ultimately settled on Pence, who agreed to take the tests for the fee of twenty-five dollars per result.

Satire Piece Inspired by Mary Trump's Book?

Snopes reported that the fake piece of news was a satirical piece made in reference to the upcoming scandalous book penned by Trump's niece Mary Trump titled "Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man"

The daughter of Trump's deceased older brother, Mary promises to expose the US President by providing the inside details of Trump family.

The New Yorker added a disclaimer in red color, just above the headline, terming the news report as "Satire from The Borowitz Report."

Trump Had Revealed About Taking Hydroxychloroquine

In May, the US President revealed that he had been taking the controversial anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine as a preventive measure against COVID-19. The drug, which has been slammed by many experts as a possible treatment for patients infected by the virus, is undergoing trials in different countries.

Trump was slammed for his statement made during the Tulsa rally asking the US officials to slow down testing for coronavirus as it was increasing the count of positive cases rapidly.

The White House officials did clarify that the US President was just joking, reported the Guardian. Later during an interview, Trump did hint at possible slowing down of testing in the country.