'Middle Earth: Shadow of War' review : Thrilling, engaging and engrossing

'Middle Earth: Shadow of War' is a sequel to 'Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor', and it will be released on October 10, 2017.

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The wait is finally going to come to an end, as the much anticipated game of the year "Middle Earth: Shadow of War", will be released on October 10, 2017. The game will have its release on Xbox One, PS4, and Microsoft Windows, while its mobile version was released a couple of weeks back.

Just like its sequel, "Shadow of Mordor", this upcoming version is also much more than a regular open-world action game, and it has adequate elements of thrilling moments which will make the gamer sit on the edge of their seats throughout the play time.

Talios continues his deadly journey

In "Middle Earth: Shadow of War", the gamer is assigned to control the protagonist, Talios.

As we know, Talios is a man with impeccable athletic skills, and he also has some unique supernatural abilities provided by the spirit of the elf lord Celebrimbor.

"Shadow of War" begins from where "Shadow of Mordor" ended.

Talion has now forged a new ring of power, which will help him to emerge as a powerful king rather than becoming a dark lord. As Talion gains more power, his enemies, namely the newly returned Sauron and Nazgul hatch various traps to kill him.

Five different geographies, five unique experiences

The story of "Middle Earth: Shadow of War" is told in five different geographies, and it gives a fresh feel to the gamers as levels pass on. The white snowy mountains of Sergost, the beautiful green valleys of Nurnen, and the deadly charming volcanic Gorgoroth are the three geographical areas which will capture the minds and hearts of the gamer with its utmost visual ecstasy.

Each of these regions, offer a considerable size to run, and as a result, Talios can chase down quest markers without feeling a sense of boredom when it comes to the running space. As always, Talios' movements are quick and funny, and this time, he has a new double jump ability which will help gamers to leap huge distances in quick time.

Monolith Productions, the makers of the game have loaded this game with end number of new faces and voices. In various levels, Talios comes across many interesting characters who will stay in the gamer's mind even after the completion of all the levels. The Nemesis system in the game has not changed much, and it is somewhat identical to its predecessor.

This game is intriguing and engaging to the core, as the makers have successfully included some strong moments in it.

"Middle Earth: Shadow of War" is undoubtedly a complex game, but this complexity is the most intriguing element of this action-packed outing. The makers have made sure that this game is much thrilling and engaging than its predecessor, and in all probabilities, true action game lovers will not be disappointed with "Shadow of War".