Mid-Autumn Festival: Here's 7 yummy dishes to titillate your taste buds

People bond over with auspicious food and dishes prepared exclusively on the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Mid-Autumn Festival
Mid-Autumn Festival lanterns Reuters

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, is one of the most popular events celebrated in and around Singapore and the Chinese community. This festival takes place on 15th day of eighth lunar month annually and has been celebrated over for more than thousand years.

This is the time when the whole family gathers. The Moon Festival or Lantern Festival is observed with lanterns, lion dancing and gala banquet. People bond over with auspicious food and dishes prepared exclusively on that particular day.

Here are the most popular dishes prepared on this occasion.

Moon Cakes

Mooncakes Reuters

Moon festival is never complete without these mooncakes.Available in both sweet and savory variations, mooncakes are rich and delicious.

The round shape symbolizes the full moon and a legend goes behind it.These buttery pastries are available in traditional fillings like lotus seed paste with single yolk, mixed nuts and snow skin mooncakes like Violette and gin and Strawberry Yogurt.

Hairy Carb

Hairy crab with salad

Hairy Crab is one of the most sought-after seasonal delicacies. This dish is rich in protein and amino acids and best eaten during the Moon Festival. These delicate crabs are steamed and then served with a dressing of vinegar and ginger, along with salad and rice.


Steamed pumpkin custard

Before Mooncakes gained popularity, pumpkins were served during Mid-Autumn Festival for more than 3000 years. Pumpkin is served as they are believed to bring good health. Among pumpkin dishes, steamed pumpkin custard is the most famous dish prepared during this festival.


Taro with duck pot

Although similar to sweet potato, taro is an Asian vegetable with a starchy tuber and edible leaves. The tradition of eating taro began during the region of Qing dynasty, as the word taro means "luck is inside ". It is believed that eating taro wards bad luck and brings good luck and wealth for the upcoming year. One can eat taro with duck pot and enjoy the delicacy whole-heartedly.


Smoked and baked duck

The tradition of cooking duck with taro is widely believed during the mid-autumn festival. The osmanthus flower duck is widely served among families, as this dish is crisp and tender, while smoked and baked duck are relished as a part of the main course.

River snails

River snails

The best time to savor river snails is during the Mid-Autumn Festival and eating them is believed to brighten your eyesight. This dish is well-cooked, with added flavor and spices. it makes a palatable delicacy.