Here's top 6 places one needs to visit during Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore

Mid-Autumn Festival is a wonderful Chinese festival celebrated in Singapore.

Mid-Autumn Festival
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Mid-Autumn Festival is a wonderful Chinese festival celebrated in Singapore. Here people celebrate the festival along with lantern processions and mooncakes, along with their family and friends.

Singaporeans mark the end of the festival traditionally and once the sun goes down, celebrations are in full swing, where people have moon viewing parties, which is one of the most popular ways to celebrate the festival.

Family and friends sit in the garden, bathed in the soft glow of paper lanterns, sipping tea and nibbling on mooncakes.

To experience this magical atmosphere, here is a list of six places you can visit during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

China Town

China Town

As the Mid-Autumn Festival is a Chinese celebration, China Town has a huge role to play during Mid-Autumn.

The celebrations usually start on September 23. It starts with the opening ceremony during which the street is all lit up. The lights remain lit up till October 19. The carnival to celebrate this starts early, on September 10. There is a lineup of events at Street Stalls Festive Fair, which opens from September 20.

Mass Lantern Walk

Mass Lantern Walk

Mass Lantern Walk returns after a successful year as Mass Lantern Walk 2017. This year, the crowd is expected to rise till 2000. People bring their lanterns and walk along the streets of Sago, Pagoda and New Brigade Road and pass by one of the most famous mooncake bakeries.

Soak in the celebration of this festive tradition under the bright full moon and dazzling displays of colourful lanterns.

Gardens By the Bay

Dragon fly garden
Dragon Fly garden

Gardens by the Bay is all set to bask in the glory of Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration. Based on Autumn Abundance theme, the festival will have a stretch of large-scale lanterns with sets of bountiful harvest and good fortune, alongside nightly cultural performances with a food street and craft booths.

Visitors can expect new stuff, including a floral display in the Flower Dome and an orchid display in the Cloud Forest. The national garden of Singapore, known as 'Gardens by the Bay' that has a stretch of 101 hectares with remarkable displays including the Waters of Prosperity, which is one of the largest lantern displays at Gardens by the Bay till date.

Wan Quing

making of the moon cake

Visitors can witness the celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival in a traditional manner at Sun Yat-Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall. They also include programmes like snow – skin Mooncake – making sessions, storytelling games and lantern making workshops. The grounds of Wan QingYuan will also be lit up with cellophane lanterns.

One Community Fiesta

Botanical Garden

Our Tampine Hub is celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival on September 23 with a feast called One Community Fiesta. Visitors get to expect to watch multi-ethnic cultural performances, mid-autumn themed games, mooncake-making and craft activities.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Garden
Singapore Botanic Garden Reuters

Moonstruck performance is based on the story of the lady on the moon at the Singapore Botanic Gardens from 29 September at the Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage. Moonstruck is based on the Chinese legend of Chang Er and features music inspired by Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.