Microsoft Xbox Scorpio is not getting a VR integration at E3

Microsoft spokesperson says "Our primary focus is making our mixed reality experiences a success on Windows 10 PCs".

The biggest event of video games is around the corner and everybody is keeping an eye on Microsoft Xbox Scorpio, which is entering the battleground with Sony's PlayStation 4 with 4k, 60 FPS gaming. Microsoft is trying to regain its throne among the core gamers, most of whom have now shifted to PlayStation 4 due to its performance, lower price and better messaging service.

Meanwhile, Sony also has a VR headset for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft is also working on that territory, but if you expecting a VR integration from this relatively new console of Microsoft at the E3, then you are about to get disappointed. A Microsoft spokesperson has recently confirmed to Polygon that the company not thinking about a Xbox VR headset, rather they are now focusing on Windows PC as their primary "mixed reality" platform, for now, that will cover everything from VR to AR.


"Our primary focus is making our mixed reality experiences a success on Windows 10 PCs. We believe that right now a Windows PC is the best platform for mixed reality as its open ecosystem and enormous installed base offer the best opportunity for developers, and Windows offers the most choices for consumers," Alex Kipman, technical fellow at Microsoft, told Polygon.

Sony PlayStation 4 & Sony VR headset

"Windows has been the birthplace of a variety of technologies, and we believe this will hold for mixed reality too. Given the efforts, we have underway on Windows for mixed reality, and our belief that console VR should be wireless, right now we are focused on developing mixed reality experiences for the PC, not on the console," Kipman added.

So, if you are planning to get your hands on a Xbox Scorpio and expecting that you will immediately dive into the VR pool of games with your new gaming console, you may be looking at a picture where you will have to wait a little bit longer than you actually thought.

Hopefully, Microsoft will provide us with a timeframe that it would take for the integration of VR to the Scorpio at the E3.