Microsoft to launch Xbox Games Pass in June

With Xbox Game Pass players will be able to download the available titles for playing offline

Microsoft has just launched a new service, called Xbox Games Pass, through which for a $9.99 monthly fee gamers will be able to access a wide range of Xbox One game titles as per their demand. This new move by the gaming division of the company made it less necessary for the players to spend dozens of dollar every time they want to play a new game.

xbox game pass

This move by Microsoft not only marked a revolution in the history of Xbox One platform, but also just sealed the console wars. Sony also has a similar service, which means it's time to clear the arena as a new battle is about to start to establish the dominance over the gaming scene.

The users with premium Xbox Live Gold subscriptions can already make use of the Xbox Game Pass, and it will soon be rolled out to all other Xbox One owners on and from June 1. The service is all set to hit the market with more than 100 available titles, which include both Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. As soon as you subscribe with the $9.99, you will be able to play any and every of those games. Moreover, Microsoft said that the company will continue to update and add new titles to the collection on a monthly basis.

xbox game pass

One of the most significant features of the Xbox Game Pass is that players will be also able to download the available games for playing offline and the offline titles are available for 30 days at a stretch.

Sony, as we said earlier, already has a platform like this, called PlayStation Now, which the company launched in 2014. This platform by Sony includes only the games that were released on PS3. Now the platform has grown to be a multi-platform service and it allows even non-PlayStation owners the chance to play a wide library of PlayStation games.


However, the PlayStation Now costs a $19.99 a month, which is double the cost of Xbox Game Pass. Another advantage for Microsoft here is that PlayStation Now doesn't offer a PS4-games-on-demand service, neither does it have any option to download its games for offline playing.

On the other hand, Sony has a much wider and bigger library of games than that of Microsoft.

So, for now, the competition seems to be really heating up and with both companies' effort to make its platform better, the players will gain the benefits.