Microsoft plans to unveil an Xbox Series S gaming console: Details inside

The Xbox Series S is rumoured to feature an AMD Ryzen APU clocked 4 GHz combined with 16 GB of RAM

While fans are going gaga over the upcoming Xbox Series X gaming console, Microsoft is all set to unveil another console dubbed Xbox Series S. According to reports, the forthcoming Xbox console might be unveiled by May 2020 alongside an Xbox branded headset. Codenamed Lockhart, the upcoming gaming console specifications were leaked by MyDrivers back in March this year.

According to the MyDrivers report, the upcoming gaming console Lockhart would embrace the Zen and Navi architecture together to boost its GPU floating-point up to 4 TFlops. The floating-point performance of the Xbox Series S aka Lockhart is much inferior to the Scorpio Engine powered Xbox One X's 6 Terflops or even PlayStation 4 Pro's 4.2 Teraflops.

What the hell is TFlop?
The flop is a performance measure for the floating-point operation per second. So if a GPU is capable of offering 4 TFlops it means it is capable of processing four trillion floating-point operations per second, The amount of floating-point operations impact profoundly on the GPU performance to handle a massive set of data in a flip.

Despite the lower TFlop performance of its GPU engine, the RDNA architecture used in the Xbox Series S would help it to offer superior performance than Xbox One X.

Xbox Series S specifications
Alongside the 4 TFlop GPU, the Xbox Series S is rumoured to feature an AMD Ryzen APU clocked 4 GHz combined with 16 GB of RAM, out of which 4GB would get allocated to the OS and the rest would get consumed by the GPU only.

The overall specifications of the upcoming gaming console seconds its rumoured $300 price tag. The Microsoft Xbox team is expected to unveil the console alongside some of its exclusive new gaming titles.

According to the rumour mill, team Xbox could also unveil a gaming headset alongside the upcoming gaming console. A Windows Central report hints the headset would feature a wireless design. It could get connected with Xbox, PC and other mobile devices via Bluetooth.

Xbox Series X
Representative Image: Xbox Series X would get unveiled by early 2021 Microsoft