Microsoft Lumia user? You can now jailbreak any Windows Phone!

Windows Phone jailbreak basically works similar to iOS devices but is way easier to use, giving Microsoft Lumia users an advantage in jailbreaking

It's not yet the end of an era for Lumia Windows Phone as an XDA developer managed to jailbreak the device. Windows Phone jailbreak basically works similar to iOS devices but way easier to use.

Despite Microsoft Mobile ending the software support for the ill-fated Lumia smartphones, esteemed XDA developer and hacker known as Heathcliff74 transformed the range into something more useful, exciting and interesting. In response to many Windows Phone owners' call for an update, Heathcliff74 is kind enough to put in time and effort to work on the updated tool and release it.

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A Microsoft Lumia 535 phone Kārlis Dambrāns/Flickr

In a YouTube video uploaded on Friday, December 1, Heathcliff74 revealed the updated version of Windows Phone unlock tool, enabling the bootloader of any Lumia Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile device to be unlocked easily.

Comparatively, the hacking tool functions the same as pulling off a full untethered jailbreak on an iPhone or iPad. In contrast, Heathcliff74's hacking tool is very easy to use which automatically unlocks and jailbreak a device in just a couple of steps.

Given the rough road that Windows Phones went through in the last few months, the number of interested device users remains a mystery. Back in April, Microsoft Mobile began halting the Windows 10 Mobile updates for the Lumia line-up, and in October, the company finally decided to kill off Windows 10 Mobile hardware and software.

At this time, when Microsoft ended the software support for the device, Lumia owners can take advantage of this new hack tool from Heathcliff74 to revamp their phones' functionalities.

Learn more about the Windows Phone Internals 2.2 release here. Watch Heathcliff74's video below announcing the said release:

This article was first published on December 6, 2017