Michigan Attorney Entered Himself as Beneficiary into Client's Will, Then Hired Hitman to Kill Him and His Wife

Daniel Hutchinson and Marco Bisbikis
Daniel Hutchinson (left) and Marco Bisbikis. Facebook

A Michigan attorney and a hitman were convicted of first-degree murder in connection with the 2022 killing of a jeweler after the attorney wrote himself into the victim's will and then ordered a hit on him and his wife.

Daniel "Hutch" Hutchinson, 47, was fatally shot on June 1, 2022 in Oak Park, Mich., in an "elaborate and shocking" scheme orchestrated by his attorney, Marco Bisbikis, and accomplice Roy Larry, Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald said in a statement on Thursday.

Roy Larry
Roy Larry Twitter

Larry is accused of being the one who pulled the trigger, while Bisbikis hatched the plan for the killing, as reported by FOX 2 Detroit. The pair were part of a larger group, two of whom — Darnell Larry and Angelo Raptoplous — pleaded guilty to solicitation to commit murder and testified against the co-defendants.

Hutchinson's wife Marisa Hutchinson was in the car with him during the shooting and survived. Marisa, also testified during the eight-day trial.

Bisbikis Made Himself Trustee in the Hutchinsons' Trust Before Ordering a Hit on the Couple

Assistant Prosecutor John Skrzynski said during the trial that Bisbikis made himself a trustee in the Hutchinsons' trust before ordering the hit on the couple. The couple were unaware of Bisbikis' maneuver, which would have ensured his access to the trust once they died.

Darnell said he was hired by Bisbikis for the killing but passed the job on to Roy, his cousin, per FOX 2 Detroit. Millions of dollars belonging to Hutchinson that the jeweler did not report to the IRS were stored in Bisbikis' custody, Marisa testified during the trial.

Bisbikis Told Marisa He Would Help Her Find the Killer

Following the murder, Bisbikis maintained contact with Marisa and reassured her he was looking for Daniel's killer while also giving her financial advice, she testified during the trial, per the outlet.

Bisbikis and Larry were convicted of first-degree premeditated murder, conspiracy to commit premeditated murder, assault and felony firearm charges, per McDonald's statement. They are awaiting their sentencing.