Michelle Cline: Christian School Brands Florida Mother Sinner and Expels Her Children after She Promoted Her OnlyFans with Decal on Car

School administrators also accused Cline of disrupting school activities by speaking to local news media about the matter.

A Florida Christian school expelled two students this week because their mother, who works as a porn star, refused to remove a decal promoting her OnlyFans page from her car. Michelle Cline, known by her alias Piper Fawn, was earlier banned from bringing her vehicle onto the campus of Liberty Christian Preparatory School.

This decision was made in response to multiple complaints from parents regarding the explicit promotion associated with her OnlyFans page. Since then, Cline had to drop off her children across the street. In a letter to Cline and her husband, the school board cited specific policies that they claimed were violated by her use of the decals.

Victim of Their Mother

Michelle Cline
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"I felt like when they asked me to park off campus, I immediately obliged. I never had my car on campus again and then it's like that wasn't enough and they had to take it a step further," Cline told The Post Saturday.

"I just feel like taking it out on the kids wasn't really fair."

Michelle Cline
Michelle Cline Facebook

According to the Feb 5 letter, reviewed by ABC7, school administrators had discussions with her regarding the sticker and had requested that she either remove them or park off-site. The letter adds that Cline "obtained an even larger vinyl lettering scheme that covered the entire back of her vehicle's tailgate."

The letter mentioned that despite complying initially by removing the decals, Cline later posted a photo on social media "mockingly" showing the larger display, referencing the school's request for its removal.

The school board, emphasizing the term "repent" six times, wrote in the letter that Cline and her husband were engaged in a sinful act by filming and distributing explicit content through their venture, which reportedly generates up to $20,000 monthly.

Head of School Jeremy Thomas, in a statement to The New York Post, confirmed the school's decision, noting that it was taken to "protect the innocence of children."

Michelle Cline
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"Pornography is a vice and a sexual sin that destroys lives and breaks up marriages. The negative impact of pornography on youth can result in future long-term relationship issues. Consuming, producing, distributing, or advertising pornography is inconsistent with the teachings of the Bible, the Church, and LCP," Thomas wrote.

"Scripture is clear that anyone who causes children to sin will be subject to the judgment of Christ, absent sincere repentance and turning from sin to Him. Christ came to save sinners, and died so that all can enter into eternal life and experience His joy. LCP desires to help families nurture and educate their children in the love of God and what is good."

Multiple Allegations

School administrators also accused Cline of disrupting school activities by speaking to local news media about the matter. "Therefore, your family's enrollment with LCPS is terminated effective immediately," the letter states.

Michelle Cline
Michelle Cline Facebook

In the letter, the board indicated the possibility of re-enrolling the children if Cline agrees to remove the decals from her vehicles.

Cline had earlier said: "It's definitely a link to explicit content - adult content for sure. My husband and I have this little wild behind-closed-doors lifestyle that we've decided to share."

The mother writes on her OnlyFans page: "I'm just a down home southern girl that likes to have a little fun on camera.

"I hope you guys enjoy what you see! I have tan skin like an island. Come check me out yall!"

Expressing outrage, parent Lexy Thomas remarked, "It's not just a tiny emblem on the back of a car. It is taking up the entire back windshield of two vehicles."

"That's a distraction to my children. No matter how poorly or how good I parent, porn is there, and that's the first thing they're seeing when they're going into a place that should be educating them."