Micheal Flynn case: Judge delays ruling as ex-Watergate prosecutors urge him to resist dismissal request

Michael Flynn was dismissed from his position after he lied about his contacts with Russia

Former prosecutors for the Watergate case has told a federal judge handling the Micheal Flynn case that he has the authority to sentence the former national security adviser to Donald Trump. According to the legal memos, the prosecutors argued that judge Emmet Sullivan has enough legal footing to reject the dismissal request for the case. The request to drop the case filed in the DC District Court has revealed varying details about the Micheal Flynn case.

Judge Sullivan, who is overseeing the case, has been rounding up people outside of the Justice Department to comment on the Trump administration's effort to dismiss the case. Five days after the Justice Department's request for the dismissal of the case Judge Sullivan made the announcement that third-party comments as the "friend of the court" briefs can be made in the case.

Micheal Flynn was removed from his position as the national security adviser three years ago after he lied about his contacts with Russia. This has also led to the latest battle of the US President against the former FBI leadership and the early investigations.

Comparison between the present situation to Watergate

Michael Flynn

The legal memos which were sent to court on Monday were published by CNN recorded what the former prosecutors of the Watergate scandal had to highlight about the Michael Flynn case. The 16 prosecutors argue that the judge has enough legal footing to reject the dismissal request and sentence Flynn, who had pleaded guilty for lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The group of prosecutors who call themselves friends of the court or "amici" wrote to the judge that the incident has caused an "Attorney General and an honorable Deputy Attorney General resigned or were dismissed rather than obey the instructions of a self-interested President to frustrate the work of an independent Special Prosecutor."

The prosecutors also added that: "The parallels and the contrasts between the Watergate affair and the present situation now before this Court make manifest that Amici have a direct and substantial interest in the proper disposition of the pending Motion directed by the incumbent Attorney General to protect a close ally of the President."

The Justice Department requested judge Sullivan to drop the case almost a week ago in which they argued that Flynn should not have been interviewed. Judge Sullivan has also been requested by around 2,000 former employees of the Justice Department "to closely examine the Department's stated rationale for dismissing the charges."