Michael Louis: Tulsa Shooter Tweeted 'Today is Beautiful Day' Minutes Before Hospital Shooting; Told Wife About Shooting on Call

Michael Louis, the slain suspect who gunned down four at St Francis Hospital in Oklahoma on Wednesday, left a tweet calling the day 'beautiful' minutes before the shoot-out. Louis also left a note blaming his surgeon, Dr Preston Phillips, for his botched back surgery.

Louis stormed into the Natalie building of the ill-fated hospital and started shooting while looking for Dr Phillips, who was found dead in the exam room. The other victims include Dr Stephanie Husen, receptionist Amanda Glenn and patient William Love.

Michael Louis
Michael Louis Twitter

Louis Was Suffering From Back Pain Post Surgery

The Sun reported that Dr Phillips performed Louis' back surgery on May 19. However, the suspect complained of back pain and repeatedly sought further treatment. A day before shooting, Louis had called the doctor seeking additional treatment for the back pain.

In a press conference, the Tulsa PD said that Louis had left a note before shooting. However, the contents of the note were not revealed by the authorities. It was also claimed that Louis' wife told the police that the shooter had called her either right before the shooting or during the shooting to let her know what he was doing, reported the outlet.

Heavy reported that a doctor who was inside building asked a third party, who was on a video chat with him, to call 911 and inform about the shooting. "At 4:53 p.m., the 911 caller said there was a shooter in a building. There were then multiple calls about a shooter being on the second floor," Tulsa Police Chief Wendell Franklin said adding that at 4:55 p.m., a person called and clarified which building was under attack.

Social Media Reacts to Horrific Tragedy

After the authorities revealed the identity of the shooter, a tweet made from the account of a user Mike Louis @lmike12, allegedly belong to shooter surfaced. The tweet, made minutes before the shooting read, "Today is a beautiful day."

Sharing the tweet, Andy Ngo wrote, "I believe I have found the Twitter account belonging to the #Tulsa Haitian mass shooter, Michael Louis. At 4:41 pm local time on June 1, the account tweeted: "Today is a beautiful day." The shooting happened around 4:52 pm"

"So you decided to murder a bunch of people? Because it was a beautiful day?! Bruh," wrote a user.

"Tulsa gunman Michael Louis targeted doctor who had operated on him: cops - New York Post. He wasn't happy with his surgery so he legally purchased semi automatic guns and killed innocent people. I guess doctors now need to carry guns. Ban them!!" tweeted a used.