Michael James Pratt: GirlsDoPorn Founder Added To FBI's Top 10 Most Wanted List For Uploading Women's X-Rated Videos Without Their Consent

The FBI has added the founder of GirlsDoPorn to its top 10 most wanted list. Michael James Pratt, 39, is charged with conspiracy and sex trafficking crimes.

The case is related to a seven-year scheme that victimized women into filming sex videos that were posted online without their consent.

Michael James Pratt
Michael James Pratt Twitter

Pratt Run A GirlsDoPorn and GirlsDoToys

According to the prosecutors, Pratt run a production company that made pornographic content and he also operated two pornographic websites GirlsDoPorn and GirlsDoToys. Prosecutors claim that his websites generated over $17 million in revenue as access to videos was sold.

Michael James Pratt
Michael James Pratt Twitter

Women Reported Sexual Assault While Filming For Videos

Women were also filmed under fraudulent circumstances and some of them reported sexual assault as they were not allowed to leave while filming for the videos. Most of the videos were shot at hotels in the San Diego area, where charges are filed against Pratt.

Pratt Preyed On Women, Forced Them Through Threats To Take Part in Porn Videos

Stacey Moy, special agent in charge of the FBI's San Diego office, stated that Pratt preyed on young women and girls and allegedly coerced or forced them through threats and fraud to participate in pornographic videos, according to Law & Crime.

Pratt Engages Deceptive Practices Wherever He Goes

He engages in dangerous and deceptive practices wherever he goes, therefore, Pratt is a high priority for the FBI in order to stop him from victimizing anyone else.

Pratt's Co-Defendants Have Pleaded Guilty

Four of Pratt's co-defendants have pleaded guilty, with Matthew Isaac Wolfe facing 11 to 14 years in prison after admitting in July to filming about 100 videos over seven years while managing the websites' finances and supporting businesses, according to Law & Crime.

More than 12.5 years in prison for Wolfe is expected to be recommended by prosecutors. They also made a similar recommendation for co-defendant Ruben Andre Garcia in June 2021 but the judge imposed 20 years.

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