MH370 disappearance: Expert says Russia behind flight abduction

A plane hunter had previously claimed that he is receiving death threats for searching the missing MH370

It was around six years back that MH 370 mysteriously disappeared while flying from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Beijing International Airport. Even after conducting a series of investigations, nobody has succeeded in giving a convincing explanation regarding the disappearance of the airplane.

Now, an aviation expert has claimed that there could be Russian involvement behind the mysterious disappearance of MH370.

Why did Russia want to abduct MH370?


Aviation expert Jeff Wise, in his book 'The Plane That Wasn't There' revealed that the Russian government could be most probably the suspect in the missing case of MH370, as they had both means and motive. As per Wise, Russia is one of those countries in the world that had the capability to abduct a passenger plane using sophisticated means. He also made it clear that the technical capabilities of Russia may be much more advanced than the United States.

"Russia is arguably the only country that stands apart from the West and yet is as technologically advanced in the aerospace industry as the US. In some ways indeed Russia far outstrips America," said Wise.

Wise added that Russia, at that time, wanted to respond to the sanctions imposed by the United States, and he believes that it could be Russia's motive behind abducting the plane. The country also wanted to distract the public attention from its annexation of Crimea. It should be also noted that Russia was also supporting rebels in eastern Ukraine at that time.

MH370 coverup

A few months back, a report published in had revealed that Blaine Gibson, a US plane hunter had received threats from the day he started searching for the missing MH370. As per the report, Blaine received many death threats stating that he will soon die of polonium poisoning. Blaine also believes that he is sometimes followed and photographed.