Mercury watcher says 'Men In Black' tried to silence him, What's the truth?

Scott C Waring, one of the world famous UFO hunters has claimed that 'Men In Black' are trying to silence him

UFO spotted by police helicopter camera in South Wales
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Scott C Waring is one of the most popular UFO hunters in the world and through his website, 'UFOsightingsdaily', he has been reporting news related to aliens and unidentified flying objects for more than a decade. Now, the conspiracy theorist has claimed that he was being silenced by 'Men In Black' soon after he discovered alien buildings on Mercury.

Scott C Waring also revealed that the US Federal Government is continuously targeting his website, and is trying to hack it so that information regarding aliens will be hidden under the wraps forever. He added that many people are getting 404 error while trying to visit his site.

According to Scott Waring, many of the NASA images feature animals, fossils and ruined buildings in outer space. He also claimed that the world's leading space agency is intentionally covering up the presence of extra-terrestrial life.

On the other hand, many people consider the claims made by Waring outlandish, and they claim that it is the peculiar nature of human mind called pareidolia which is compelling conspiracy theorists to relate unknown objects to familiar things in photos captured from space.

Recently, an ex-NASA official named James Oberg has said that these weird thoughts of aliens and extra-terrestrial beings are triggered in the minds of people as a result of watching so many sci-fi flicks.

Who are men in black?

Men in Black are actually mythical people who used to appear in front of people who have reported UFOs and aliens. The encounter with Men In Black was first reported in the 1950s when many people revealed details of people wearing black suits knocking their doors soon after they witnessed something extra-terrestrial.

Many conspiracy theorists believe that Men In Black are basically a government-run agency, and the authorities have employed these people to cover up the presence of alien existence.