Tom DeLonge makes shocking revelation on alien life forms

Tom DeLonge claims that the US Government has discovered alien life forms during the time of cold war, but is covering it up for unknown reasons


American musician and singer Tom DeLonge has now made a startling revelation which has created a frenzy among people worldwide. According to the 41-year-old singer, the US Government is holding the dead remnants of an alien life form from the time of cold war (1947 – 1991). The singer also made it clear that these remnants were not collected after the Roswell UFO crash.

Shocking revelation from Tom DeLonge

Tom DeLonge is now the hottest figure among UFO enthusiasts, as the former Blink 182 singer is working together with ex-military officials and government officers to unveil the truth surrounding extraterrestrial life. The singer has also founded 'To The Stars Academy', an organization dedicated to skywatching and finding abnormalities on the sky.

DeLong made these shocking revelations during a podcast named 'The Joe Rogan Experience'. During the talk, he revealed that he met a government source at an airport, from where he was informed that an alien form was discovered during the time of cold war. DeLonge also added that the corpse of this alien is still with the US Government.

The government source also revealed that no alien life forms were found after the Roswell UFO crash.

According to DeLong, Nazis had developed alien flying saucer technology by the end of the World War II, and it was such a German saucer which crash landed in Roswell. The Roswell crash was connected to extra-terrestrial life forms, as hallmarks and an unknown technology based out of the earth was found on the saucer. DeLonge made it clear that the Nazis were 100 years ahead of the US in terms of technology at that time, and it was the reason behind the widespread misconception.

Tom DeLonge under the scanner

During the talk, Tom DeLonge also revealed that he was soon interviewed by a team of six officials, possibly Men In Black - a hypothetical team who often meets people who have encountered UFOs and aliens. DeLonge added that the mysterious vigilantes wanted to make sure that he doesn't know too much about the alien body existence in the US.

Earlier, DeLonge has said that an International consortium has been set up by the world powers to combat alien invasion threats. He has several times blamed NASA and the US Government for covering up the real truth from the public. (See the video below) However, US space agency NASA has repeatedly denied all such claims or allegations.

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