Melania Trump tests negative for COVID-19 as US authorities inform people about when to seek test kits

  • The first lady is among the few in the White House who were tested for the coronavirus

  • New symptom of the Covid-19 experienced by the youth

The US President Donald Trump on Monday said that the first lady has tested negative for the novel coronavirus. When a reporter asked him during the briefing whether the first lady had been tested for the virus Trump replied that she was fine and had tested negative for the virus, on March 23.

The US Vice President Mike Pence and the second lady Karen Pence were also among the few others who were tested for the Covid-19. They had also tested negative for the virus. Around a week ago when the US President was tested it came back negative. Trump had come in contact with two people who had tested positive for the coronavirus.

The White House physician said that the President needn't be tested because he was not displaying any symptom of the virus and had very limited contact with the two people who he met in his Mar-a-Lago beach club in Palm Beach, Florida. The White House Senior adviser and Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump had also tested for the coronavirus. The results were negative as well. As a cautious measure, she even worked from home for a week.

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The White House

When people should seek the tests?

The US government and several authoritative figures are trying to tell the people when they can seek out the test kit. The officials are working in the US to make the test kits available to the public but also trying to make sure that the people are aware when they should seek the test kits. Since the fear of the virus is increasing in the country, the people are advised to use the test kit when they have symptoms of the Covid-19.

On Saturday, March 21 the US Vice President said that if "they don't have a symptom don't take a test". On Monday the state officials reported around 100 coronavirus related deaths. After several days of silence, the first lady came out last week to talk about the situation. She conveyed messages of positivity to the public.

Symptoms of Covid-19

The people are said to experience fever, cough, tiredness and in extreme cases difficulty while breathing. People may be sick for one to 14 days before developing these symptoms. Around 80 percent of the victims survive the disease without any special treatment. The fatal cases are very rare. Older people and people with other vulnerabilities are more susceptible to the disease.

Recently, people are observing a new symptom among the patients with the new virus. They are seeing the loss of the senses including hearing, taste, and smell. A woman with Covid-19 reported that she is experiencing new symptoms. The 20-year-old woman said that she is witnessing symptoms that have previously not been recorded. Julia Buscaglia shared her experience through Twitter.

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