Melania Moving Out or Trump Destroying Evidence? Rental Truck Outside WH Triggers Conspiracy Theories

A Penske rental truck was spotted parked in the driveway outside the White House during the C-SPAN coverage of the election.

Democratic nominee Joe Biden moved closer to 270 electoral votes with victories in Wisconsin and Michigan on Wednesday in a dramatic presidential election clash with President Donald Trump that has left America's political fate uncertain hours after polls closed.

While things are not looking too bright for Trump and while the results of the tightly-contested election continue to remain a suspense, a rental truck spotted outside the White House is making waves on social media.

Penske rental truck
The 26-foot Penske rental moving truck outside the White House. Twitter / Penske

A video clip, which appears to be a segment from the news coverage of the election on C-SPAN, shows a 26-foot Penske rental truck parked in front of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Fact-checking website Snopes also confirmed that the video was, in fact, authentic.

Conspiracy Theories Floating on Social Media

The video, now being widely circulated across social media, is keeping conspiracy theorists busy. Given that Penske is a truck rental company that specializes in moving and packing, some are floating the theory that Melania is gearing up to move out of the official residence, others believe the president is destroying evidence ahead of the election results.

"Melania has started packing, the minute he is no longer president, she's out of there!," wrote one user, while another commented. "Looks like Melania's prenup was contingent on Trump winning the election."

Others claimed that the rental truck may have been leased by the president to shred documents and destroy evidence. "That was not a moving van at the W.H. That is a secure Shredding company," tweeted one user, while another opined. "I bet they're getting rid of all the evidence of their ties to Russia."

Although one user noted that the truck may have been hired to move out all the rental equipment for the president's viewing party on Tuesday, another pointed out that the White House has a service entrance, which is used to move out catering, party supplies etc and not the driveway as seen in the video.

While serving presidents do not typically move out of the White House until the end of their term in January, there are users pushing the wild claim that Trump is on his way out and is taking inventory from the WH with him.

"Looks like Trump's ready to throw in the towel on his political career" said one user. "Or maybe he's taking all the art and silverware to fence because he has to pay off debt!"

Here are some of the other reactions on Twitter:

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