Meghan Markle is Dishonest, She Lied During the Oprah Interview, Says Her Father

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry came down hard against their own family during a sit-down with Oprah Winfrey and the tell-all tale sent shockwaves around the world on how badly the couple was treated by the royal family members.

During the interview, Meghan alleged that the Buckingham Palace members are racists as they talked behind her back to not give her son the title of a Prince as they were worried about the color of his skin and the hatred fanned even before he was born.

Meghan Markle with her father Thomas Markle

However, Meghan's father Thomas Markle has branded his daughter as ''dishonest'' and a ''liar'' and stated that she has changed as a person completely after her wedding to Prince Harry in 2018 and hardly interacts with her family.

Thomas revealed that despite she cutting ties with him, he still sent her a birthday card when she turned 40 on August 4, 2021.

Meghan Markle Lied During The Oprah Interview

Thomas Markle, 77, claimed that Meghan was not speaking the truth during her infamous interview with Oprah and stated that she learnt the art of lying only after marrying Prince Harry.

''She's changed, she's not the daughter I knew. My daughter was a much more giving, loving person than she is now,'' he said to The Mirror.

Meghan had said in the Oprah interview that the Archbishop of Canterbury married them in secret days before the official wedding and when asked if there's any truth to it, Thomas replied, ''No she lied, she lied. She's been lying for years, she's been lying on and off over different things for years, lying about the Archbishop?''

Thomas slammed his daughter for bringing the Archbishop into the matter despite he having nothing to do with their so called secret wedding. ''How can you lie about the Archbishop? How can you say we got married three days before the wedding when they didn't?''

Meghan's dad stated that she was a good person before her wedding and only turned deceitful after her wedding to Harry. ''No, no, this is new (lying). This is since Harry (wedding). I don't know if he's the one behind it, but I really think that Harry and some of her friends have changed her,'' he said.

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