Meghan Markle Claims Royals Were 'Worried' How Archie's Skin Color Would Be, Banned Him from Being a Prince

Markle revealed that she was in "pain" after Royal family officials denied Archie the title of prince and accused them of failing to protect him by denying him 24/7 security.

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Meghan Markle made shocking revelations during her interview with Oprah Winfrey wherein she accused the royal family of raising concerns about the "how dark" the skin color of the couple's first child Archie would be. The comments, Markle said, were made to Prince Harry and relayed to her by her husband. The concerns stemmed from the fact that Meghan is mixed-race, while Harry is white.

The Duchess of Sussex declined to say who in the royal family voiced those concerns, saying "I think that would be very damaging to them." Markle also revealed that she was hurt and in "pain" after officials from the Royal family denied Archie the title of prince and accused Buckingham Palace of failing to protect him by denying him 24/7 security.

Racism in Royal Family?

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Markle said that while she was pregnant with son Archie, unidentified royals had "concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he is born." Claiming that giving out the name of the person who expressed concern about then yet-to-be-born Archie would be damaging, she told Winfrey that it was "a pretty safe" assumption to suggest that the royal family member was "concerned" that Archie being "too brown" would be "a problem."

When Winfrey asked if it was "important" for Meghan that Archie be called a prince, she said she doesn't have any attachment to such official titles and is happy with the way she is bring up her son away from the Royal family.

Harry also didn't reveal who asked him the offensive question, but he did say, regarding race, "There was some real obvious signs before we even got married that this was going to be really hard." Markle also shared that she had been contemplating suicide just days before the couple's severed ties from the royal family. "Yes," she said, when Winfrey asked if Markle had had suicidal thoughts.

Dark Secrets Unraveled

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When asked if Archie was not given the title of a prince because of his mixed race, Meghan said, she was more concerned about the safety and security of her son that anything else. "In those months when I was pregnant, all around this same time, we have in tandem, the conversation of 'He won't be given security, he's not going to be given a title,' and also concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he's born," she said.

Meghan said people within the royal institution not only failed to protect her against malicious claims but lied to protect others. "It was only once we were married and everything started to really worsen that I came to understand that not only was I not being protected but that they were willing to lie to protect other members of the family," she said.

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Archie never got the title of the prince but that doesn't concern Meghan anymore. She said it was not in her or Harry's hands, so she isn't too concerned about that. However, she said it was palace officials who revealed Archie 'wasn't going to receive security.'

In one of the most depressing moments of the interview Meghan revealed that she being an actress, a divorcee and an independent woman and "as the first mixed-race person to marry into the family" made her uncomfortable but that was because she was "made to think about it" that way,

"But I think, at the same time now, upon reflection, thank god all of those things were true. Thank god I had that life experience. Thank god I had known the value of working," she said.

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