Meghan Markle arrives as Prince Harry's date for Pippa Middleton's wedding reception

Meghan had to skip the wedding but the actress attended the after wedding reception party as Harry's date.

And the most awaited wedding of the year took place in Britain amidst all the hype and excitement. Kate Middleton's younger sister Pippa Middleton married hedge-fund boss James Matthews at a quiet estate church in Berkshire.

But the big question was will Prince Harry bring his girlfriend Meghan Markle for the wedding?

Interestingly, Pippa kept the wedding invite limited with a 'no ring, no bring' policy—which means guests can bring their partners only if they are engaged or married. It is also reported that Pippa wanted all the limelight to focus on her and indeed she has denied a wedding invite to Prince Harry's girlfriend Meghan Markle. The American actress had to skip the wedding but she attended the reception party as Harry's date.

The event was attended by 300 guests including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Meghan accompanying Harry has left many wondering whether it is time for another wedding bell in the royal family.

This is the second time, Harry and Meghan have publicly acknowledged their relationship. Earlier in March, she accompanied Harry to Jamaica for the wedding of his childhood friend. "However, Markle's no-show at the church was understood to be a decision driven by a hope that her appearance wouldn't be a distraction at the ceremony and a desire that it remain Pippa's big day. The fact that Harry was invited to the evening reception with his girlfriend is a clear endorsement of just how important Markle is to Prince Harry," ABC News opined.

Another report on CBC stated, "She and Harry were photographed driving up to Middleton's parents' estate for the lavish soiree, which was off-limits to the press."

It is also reported that Harry went all the way back to London to pick his lady love, as he didn't want her to arrive at the party alone. A photograph of Harry driving Meghan to the venue was also published by The Sun. Harry, 32, confirmed his relationship with Meghan, 35, last November. The couple have been dating for a year.

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