A new tvN drama "Circle" recently held a special preview screening on May 19, giving people the opportunity to spend some time with the cast as well as some sneak-peek from the drama.

The stars of the upcoming sci-fi thriller drama, Yeo Jin Goo, Kim Kang Woo, Gong Seung Yeon, and An Woo Yeon were all present in the special preview screening; only Lee Gi Kwang was unable to attend it due to a prior engagement.

The excitement for the upcoming drama is very evident as approximately 5500 people signed up for the event that had only 250 seats available, Soompi reported. Well, the excitement is well understood as the storyline of the drama is unique and interesting.

Reportedly, the thriller drama is divided into two parts, "Part 1: Beta Project" and "Part 2: An Amazing New World," and it takes place in 2017 and 2037, respectively. The drama takes place in two timelines but the characters due not move to the present to future or vice-versa, rather two similar stories from two different eras are being told in one episode.

Before screening the first episode of the drama, the actors expressed their gratitude, answered some questions, and interacted with the fans.

In the event, Yeo Jin Goo was asked what does he look for in his ideal girlfriend, he said, "I like someone who has a lot of aegyo and who enjoys eating."

Kim Kang Woo revealed about how different the filming for "Circle" was as compared to other dramas stating, "Lee Gi Kwang and I are having fun filming this drama together, almost like we're on a date. Our bromance will be something to enjoy."

Yeo Jin Goo shared that the "staff members are working hard to create a drama that is as beautiful and high-quality as a movie." Well, that's very evident from the teasers itself and there is no doubt about it.

Kim Kang Woo added, "This will be a double track drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat."

On the other hand actor Gong Seung Yeon stated, "You'll enjoy the drama even more if you watch the two parts and look for clues. If you do that, you'll find puzzle pieces that, when put together, will help you uncover the whole story."

An Woo Yeon said, "It's a drama that features a lot of beautiful actors, so it'll be a sight to see. While you're watching the show, remember all the clues of each event."

The first episode of "Circle" is all set to air on May 22 at 11 p.m. KST.