Megan Fox reveals secrets to her incredible figure

Brunette actress Megan Fox has a healthy regime consisting of yoga, pilates, and cardio workouts.

Megan Fox
Megan Fox Facebook/Megan Fox

Megan Fox got back in to shape in the span of five months after giving birth to her youngest son with her partner Brian Austin Grey in 2016. The couple formerly had two sons: Noah Shannon Green (4), and Bodhio Ransom Green (3).

The transformer actress said to Extra TV that the secret for her post pregnancy figure was "working out really hard" and also added that she had to take long walks and runs. Although Megan Fox is considered one of the sexiest and leanest actors of Hollywood, the mother of three too faced the problem of post pregnancy weight.

During the birth of her first son Noah, Megan had gained 23 pounds while during her second son she gained extra 40 pounds, finding it difficult to get back in shape after her third baby. She explained that it as pretty awful. The brunett actress has a healthy regime consisting of yoga, pilates, and cardio workouts. She has also cut down her eating habits and sticks to a clean, green diet.

Megan Fox Brian Austin Green
Megan and Brian Reuters

With the help of Brian, who backs her fitness journey, she was able to manage both her workout schedule and career. Although Megan is not a fan of workouts, she knows that in order to keep her body in shape and be back in her career, she needs to train her body. This has become possible because of celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak. She had said to Fight Fighter blogs that her trainer used to come to her house thrice a week even though she barely wanted to get up and exercise.

Her workouts are evident in a recent photo shoot for a lingerie brand, Fedrick of Hollywood where Fox posed for a collection of undies, thongs and high waisted panties.

No wonder she is considered one of the most sensuous women on the earth.