McKinley Slone Hernandez: Day Care Worker Arrested for Getting Drunk and Beating 2-Year-Old Colorado Boy Who Is Fighting for His Life with Serious Brain Injuries

The young boy was transported to the hospital by air and urgently underwent surgery to address a brain bleed, that required a portion of his skull to be removed.

A mother in Colorado is seeking answers about the near-death experience of her two-year-old son, reportedly caused by a drunken and unlicensed babysitter who has recently been arrested. Stefanie Reichert left her baby Giovanni with McKinley Slone Hernandez, 25, for an overnight stay at her home in Lakewood on September 1.

Hours later, Reichert's son found himself in a life-threatening situation, grappling with injuries involving blunt force trauma to his head and body when she received a chilling instruction from her friend. Reichert received a text message saying that her son was in serious condition and had to be rushed to hospital as he was not responding after a bath.

Almost Killed

McKinley Slone Hernandez
McKinley Slone Hernandez X

"I received a text message from the suspect saying I needed to rush to St. Anthony's Hospital because my son had gone lifeless after a bath," she said.

"Once I saw him and all the 50 doctors standing around him, I had to leave the room because it was the worst thing I've ever seen in my life."

Two-year-old Giovanni suffered severe brain injuries and had to undergo multiple surgeries after he was beaten up by his nanny X

The young boy was transported to the hospital by air and urgently underwent surgery to address a brain bleed, that required a portion of his skull to be removed.

He was then intubated, placed in an induced coma, and has undergone additional life-saving procedures since then. The ultimate prognosis for his recovery remains uncertain.

"We had a rough Thanksgiving this year to say the least!" Reichert wrote on the child's GoFundMe page.

The child underwent another surgery on Thursday, and as of now, he continues to experience a fever, pain, and discomfort, according to her explanation.

Stefanie Reichert
Stefanie Reichert X

"He's pretty swollen and his right eye is swollen shut,' she wrote. 'He slept most of the day and I'm hoping for a better day tomorrow."

Fighting for His Life

The devastated mother remains no closer to uncovering the circumstances that led to Giovanni's severe injuries, leaving him on the brink of death while under the care of someone she regarded as a 'friend.'

Giovanni X

"She won't admit to anything," Reichert told "All she's said is she was drinking, and he got hurt in her care.

"I make up scenarios in my head all the time for the injuries he sustained, so I wish I knew."

She expresses concern that the extended months spent in the hospital may be negatively impacting her son, noting that he has developed an aversion to strangers. "He doesn't like strangers," she added, reflecting on the potential psychological toll of his prolonged hospitalization.

"Now he doesn't like the nurses and the doctors. He doesn't let anybody touch him. We have to do everything for them in there."

However, the family received a glimmer of hope during Thanksgiving when a warrant was issued for Hernandez's arrest on felony child abuse charges. On Thursday night, she voluntarily surrendered to Lakewood Police.

"I feel so relieved, but I also feel like she should be charged with more," she said.

"I feel like it's attempted murder, she almost killed my child.

"You never would think it would happen to you, especially by someone who you consider a friend."