MC Bandida: Adult Model 'Who Offered Free Boob And Bum Lifts' To Voters Contests For Poll Again

An OnlyFans model, who had offered free boob and bum lifts to voters, is standing for election again. Brazilian model Valeria Maria de Santanais is contesting for an elected district representative.

She is also known as MC Bandida and will be contesting the election from Avante, a small political party.

MC Bandida
MC Bandida Twitter

She Also Contested in 2018 Polls

The model had previously also run for the election two times but she could not win. In 2018, Santanais -- who is a prolific OnlyFans creator -- received only 120 votes.

She charges her followers $30 (£25) a month, with an offer for $85.50 (£72) for three months.

So far, she has made 786 posts on OnlyFans and has scooped up a whopping 14 thousand likes for her efforts.

Santanais had underlined that her plan is to invest public money into improving the state of mind and well-being of low-income women in Brasilia who believe they need this aesthetic boost to help them feel good about themselves, according to Daily Star.

She also stressed that her attention is to enhancing women's physical assets will be vote winners in the current climate.

MC Bandida Registered A Candidacy For District Deputy By Avante

"Funk singer Valéria Maria de Santana, known as MC Bandida, registered a candidacy for district deputy by Avante. It is the third time that MC Bandida competes for a seat in the Legislative Chamber of the Federal District (CLDF), one of 27 federative units in the country," reported Metropoles.

The model also identifies herself as a songwriter, and singer apart from having her profile on OnlyFans.

In the 2018 election, the OnlyFans model pointed out that the incumbents were corrupt.

In the previous election, she had made the most bizarre promise in the poll which gained everyone's attention.

"Campaigning as Brazilian funk singer MC Bandida (real name Valeria Santana) is offering free boob jobs and bum lifts if women vote for her," according to Toronto Sun.

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