Vera Mekuli: Lap Dance NYPD Cop Urged To Join OnlyFans; Could Become Millionaire Soon

An NYPD female cop, who became famous after giving a lapdance to a colonel on camera, is being urged to join OnlyFans. Vera Mekuli's fans are asking her to join OnlyFans, which can make her a millionaire in months.

Mekuli, 27, has been asking her thousands of admirers to send her cash online but has been urged to consider an alternative way of raking it in. Following her exotic moves in the middle of a New York City, US dancefloor last December, Vera has built an army of Instagram followers asking to be handcuffed by her, reported Daily Star.

Vera Mekuli was filmed giving a lap dance to at least two NYPD officers
Vera Mekuli was filmed giving a lap dance to at least two NYPD officers Screen grab - Twitter

Mekuli Could Become Millionaire In Months

Her fans are urging her to create a better source of earnings by joining OnlyFans. Mekuli's fans' response came after she shared a series of pictures, in a skin-tight dress. "In case you need something to gossip about in the group chat," she wrote in the post.

The cop had also told her followers previously that donations are accepted by Cashapp and Venmo.

Vera Mekuli
Vera Mekuli Screen grab - LinkedIn

Mekuli Gave Lap Dance To Her Then-Boss Nick McGarry

"She should start an OnlyFans. She'll be a millionaire in 6 months," commented a fan while another said, "She'd break the internet if she started an OF." "Please handcuff me to your bed and do what you want," wrote another fan.

At the holiday party in 2021, Mekuli was filmed giving a lap dance to her then-boss, Nick McGarry, a married lieutenant in New York City. Mekuli later stated that she is the "life of the party" and likes to "have a good time," but offered her apologies to the lieutenant and his family, according to The Sun.

Later Mekuli clarified that she was unaware of McGarry's marriage. In a video released later, she said, "It was supposed to be for fun, s**ts and giggles, and, you know, I feel like I completely ruined, I guess, his picture as a lieutenant, as a boss."

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