MBC news anchor Im Hyun Joo goes on air without innerwear; shares 'no-bra' video on Instagram

MBC's Im Hyun Joo shared a video of her anchoring a broadcast without wearing bra. She challenged those having problem with this to wear bra for one day on a hot summer day

MBC news anchor Im Hyun Joo went on air without a bra, shared the video of her broadcast on Instagram, defending her action. Hyun Joo spoke out in the Instagram post of her no-bra fashion and said she was comfortable and went on air as usual. Speaking about those who felt uneasy or inconvenienced knowing the fact, she challenged them to wear a bra for one day.

"If there are any men who are posting sexually suggestive comments, I ask them to wear a bra one hot summer day, just for a day," she said in her post. Speaking about how free she felt, Hyun Joo said that she felt comfortable as she thought it wouldn't inconvenience people and this helped her go on with her broadcast as usual.

Hyun Joo spoke out on Instagram

Im Hyun Joo

She also said that interestingly, she did not find any complaints regarding her no-bra fashion. "There was not a single protest posted on the viewer's bulletin board. It was a refreshing experience," stated the news anchor. She also urged her followers to be compassionate and be considerate towards their as well as other priorities and comforts. "Jumping over a layer of underwear can make you even freer," she said in the social media forum.

"The day I lived the 'Nobra' challenge I needed a bit of courage, but it didn't seem out of nowhere, so nothing happened. Hesitation is only in the beginning, then empathy changes everything slowly," she said. Earlier too Hyun Joo was in the news when she wore glasses during the telecast and said, "I became more free. I think these glasses gave me wings called freedom."

The world also observes October 13 as 'No Bra Day.' On that day at least women are asked not to wear a bra to create awareness against breast cancer. Initially, July 9 in 2011 was observed as the first No Bra Day. But the date was pushed to October 13 in 2014 as October was observed as the breast cancer awareness month.