Maths Genius Who Claimed to Have Predicted Coronavirus Pandemic Says Only One Way Left to Stop Spread

The deadly virus outbreak has created a major stir around the world in recent times infecting more than 62.3 million people worldwide

A maths genius who claimed to have predicted the course of the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic has given his theory of solution, as per reports. Luthais McCash, the research fellow at the University of Leicester stated that he has made many warnings regarding leaving the lockdown too early, and his coronavirus theories have come true so far.

The 26-year-old from Kent specializes in applied mathematics and mathematical modeling. He believes that the virus is going to continue to tar through the UK for another two years. He stated that he has hardly left his house since March.

Earlier during the pandemic, he had mentioned that he was correctly giving forecasts regarding the number of cases and deaths. But he has not done any specific modeling for how things might grow from here.

COVID-19 in UK

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"It's actually more difficult to make a prediction now. At the beginning, a lot more of the population were doing as they were told. Now it's more difficult to predict because there's a lot of fluidity. I will say that I am hypothesizing. But my view – and I hope I am wrong – is that it will never end unless we go for a suppression strategy," McCash said as reported by the Daily Star.

"We will develop mechanisms to deal with it better, but it won't go away. We need to stop everything. We need a 12-month lockdown. I appreciate that that will have a massive effect on people's income, people's lives, but that's what's needed. That's sufficient enough time to reduce the movement substantially enough to allow the virus to suppress. It's no good saying we're coming down of lockdown because deaths are down or cases are down that's not good enough. There has got to be a period after too," he added.

McCash said that he is not a virologist or an immunologist but is a scientist who is passionate about empirical evidence. He stated that his first academic paper looking at how to model the spread of cancer got published at the age of 16.

He further mentioned that he thinks people musty maintain social distance. He thinks in February there will be a huge rise in cases resulting in another lockdown by summer. McCash also said that as soon as the local lockdown is lifted people will start migrating again. In March, he had mentioned that the pandemic will continue for at least two years.

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