Coronavirus Devastates Tourism-Dependent Monkeys in Thailand, British Musician Plays Music to Keep Them Calm

Coronavirus pandemic has drastically affected Thailand's economy, as the country's revenue is largely dependent on tourism

Thailand is a country that is largely dependent on revenue generated through tourism, but the coronavirus pandemic has literally devastated the tourism sector in the country. As the country remains largely shut to foreign travelers, Thailand is expected to face huge economic problems in the coming months. In Lopburi, a province famous for its monkeys, local macaques have also noticed a drop in visitors, and due to this trend, they are not getting sufficient food to eat.

British Musician's Noble Act

As hunger starts affecting a large group of monkeys in the area, British musician Paul Barton was recently mobbed by monkeys. However, he tried to calm the monkeys down by playing music.

Paul Barton playing music to monkeys Reuters/Prapan Chankeaw

In a recent video shared by Reuters, Barton can be seen playing piano amid a group of aggressive monkeys around him. Some monkeys showed their friendly nature, and some of them spent time sitting on Barton's shoulders.

How Music Affected Monkeys?

Barton claimed that his music made monkeys calm, and he added that these creatures actually ate music.

"A wonderful opportunity to see the wild animals just being themselves. I was surprised to play the piano and find that they were actually eating the music as I was playing it. I wasn't going to let those things distract from the project which is to play the music for these wonderful macaques," said Barton.

This is not the first time that Barton is playing music for animals. Barton has been playing Bach, Schubert, Chopin, and Beethoven for more than a decade to elephants at retirement sanctuaries. Barton believes that music can play wonders while rehabilitating wild animals.

In the meantime, local residents in the area claim that monkeys are not always aggressive, and they used to get angry only when they get deprived of sufficient food. Earlier in March, large crowds of monkeys were filmed brawling in the streets, apparently fighting for a yogurt pot.

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