Marry My Husband Spoilers: Will Kang Ji Won, Yoo Ji Hyuk Get a Happy Ending? Park Min Young Spills

Marry My Husband surprises the viewers with unexpected plot twists every week. Since the revenge drama is only a few weeks from its finale, the viewers are curious to know if their favorite onscreen couple -- Kang Ji Won and Yoo Ji Hyuk -- will get their happy ending in the last episode. Cast member Park Min Young spilled some details about it during a recent interview with Cosmopolitan magazine.

The actress said she was attached to this project because it helped her learn a lot about life. According to her, the mini-series will teach the viewers to cherish their lives, keep living well, and look forward to tomorrow. Min Young revealed that she cried her eyes out after wrapping the last episode. Her staff members were surprised to see her struggling to hold back tears because they had never seen her attached to any project like this.

The cast member also left a message to the followers of this tvN revenge drama. She said it is never too late to reflect on your mistakes. A mistake cannot bring an end to everything. So, people must learn to cherish and love themselves a little more.

Park Min Young
Actress Park Min Young in tvN drama Marry My Husband. Twitter/tvN

"The message I wanted to convey through this drama is that 'It's not the end just because you made a mistake once.' I hope people cherish and love themselves a little more. I've learned a lot through this drama. I cried so much after wrapping up the last shoot yesterday. My staff, who have been with me for a long time, said they never saw me cry like that. That is how much I was attached to this project. It became a drama that makes you want to keep living well and look forward to tomorrow," the actress shared.

How to Watch Marry My Husband?

Marry My Husband is an ongoing romance revenge drama that premiered on tvN on Monday (January 1) at 8:50 pm KST. It stars Park Min Young, Na In Woo, Lee Yi Kyung, and Song Ha Yoon. The mini-series is based on a web novel, which was serialized into a webtoon. The mini-series tells the story of an ordinary woman who witnessed the extramarital affair between her husband and best friend. The female protagonist gets murdered after she finds out about their relationship. She gets a second chance in life and tries to reverse her dismal fate.

Marry My Husband
Marry My Husband poster. Twitter/tvN

The revenge drama airs an episode on tvN every Monday and Tuesdays at 8:50 pm KST. People in Korea can watch the mini-series on TV or stream it on various online streaming platforms. K-drama fans from other parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, and Mexico, can watch the mini-series with subtitles on various online streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime Video.

Here are the International Air Timings of Marry My Husband:

  • US - 6:50 am
  • Canada - 6:50 am
  • Australia - 10:20 pm
  • New Zealand - 12:50 am
  • Japan - 8:50 pm
  • Mexico - 5:50 am
  • Brazil - 8:50 am
  • Saudi Arabia - 2:50 pm
  • India - 5:20 pm
  • Indonesia - 6:50 pm
  • Singapore - 7:50 pm
  • China - 7:50 pm
  • Europe - 12:50 pm
  • France - 12:50 pm
  • Spain - 12:50 pm
  • UK - 11:50 am
  • South Africa - 1:50 pm
  • Philippines - 7:50 pm